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Building Construction Material

With a view to meet the increasing needs of modern era, Pre-Engineered building of excellent design consisting of light weight steel components is manufactured to suit customer requirement. PEB system is applied for Construction of new and modern Industrial building structure, industrial sheds, canopies, ware houses, etc. Application of PEB Systems is considered as highly cost effective.

Components of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings are Standard Frames and Secondary Frames. Standard Frames are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and layouts to suit virtually any building requirement, these framing systems are engineered to fit accurately for efficient and cost effective construction.

Purlins, Girts, Eave and Struts are secondary structural members used as support to walls and roof panels. Purlins are used on the roof. Girts are used on the walls and Eaves and Struts are used at the intersection of the sidewall and roof. CEE- ZED Purlins are light weight, Cold rolled Hi-Tensile economical, readily fabricated Purlins commonly used in PEB/PRE-FAB buildings having wide applications area such as Canopies, Warehouses, etc because it provides timely completion solution. Similarly, Metal Decking is the latest roofing solution widely used now a day. Unipuf Roof is widely used for insulation purpose in industrial and commercial roofing. Provision of Unipuf wall is done for cold storages, refrigerated rooms, Industrial & Commercial cladding. Provision of Natural ventilation system, roof vents is long lasting with reduced power costs and no maintenance cost. Sky light roof systems needed for good working condition is provided. Polycarbonate sheets having excellent light transmission are provided.

PEB’s roof and wall panels have a large product line with a variety of profiles, base metals. The metal skins are used as roof and wall panels, interior roof and wall liners, partition panels and soft panels. PEB’s general building accessories include sliding doors: roll up doors, windows, ventilators, louvers, etc.

Best quality steel from Jindal, SAIL, and VSP make is used. We ascertain the real need of the customers and best suitable PEB systems are designed and variety of trapezoidal profile and accessories like flashings, capping, gutters, cladding etc. are used.

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Building Construction Material